Competition Rules & Regulations

Thankyou for taking part in one of Bathurst Tennis Centre’s weekly competitions.

Format of play

Wednesday ladies, Tuesday and Thursday night competitions all consist of four doubles matches. If all players are playing at the same time then each match will be first to six with a tiebreak at six all. If there is a format where people are sitting off during matches then each match will be first to six with a tiebreak at five all.

Starting times

Tuesday night competition – 6.30pm

Wednesday morning ladies – 9.00am

Thursday night – 7.00 pm


It is important that all competitors be punctual for the starting times as it is unfair for players to be waiting after the starting schedule. If you are running more than five minutes late, please ring the centre so we can inform the seven other players who are waiting.


If a competition starts and rain stops play before the end of the second set, a part refund for the next week’s comp will be given.

If you decide to play in two or more competitions each week, a discount will be given for the second and third comps.


We understand there are times when people are unable to play, however, at least 24 hours notice must be given and you must try to find your own replacement player. If you decide to phone the tennis centre with less than 24 hours notice, we can try to find a replacement for you, but a $10.00 fee will be added to the cost of the comp next time you play.

We have had to implement this as it is costly and extremely time consuming for the centre to find players.


Always expect tennis to be on! Even if it has rained most of the day we are able to get courts ready for use in around an hour. Also there are many times it is raining in one part of town but not at the centre. PLEASE phone the tennis centre as someone will be there or a message will be left on the answering machine if the comp is cancelled.

If you have any concerns please contact us.